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We do not invest in companies. We invest in people.

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Since the foundation of F.M. Zumtobel in the year 1862 pioneering and innovational spirit have always played a decisive role. In the more than 150 years of company history, the sense of constant change made it flexible and open for any new emerging opportunities arising from conditions of global markets.

Today, Dkfm. Martin Zumtobel holds shares in a wide variety of successful companies.

In addition to the ongoing expansion of the existing shareholders, F.M.Zumtobel group is also looking for new opportunities. Its strategic goal is to invest in businesses with great growth potential, whose products are innovative or unique and can be commercialized internationally.



1862 - Foundation of F.M. Zumtobel Wachszieherei (candle manufacture plant) by Franz Martin Zumtobel.

1898 - opening of a general store. His son Otto, a pioneer in the Austrian coffee industry established the first "hand-operated" coffee roasting plant and established a transit storehouse for spices, coffee and colonial goods in Trieste, Italy.

1956 - Dr. Martin Zumtobel, Otto's son, founded the wholesale organization "A & O".

1971 - Dkfm. Martin Zumtobel joined the company.

1975 - Opening of the first FAMILIA grocery store, which was the basis for a vast expansion of the company.

1993 - FAMILIA and DOGRO sold to MIGROS (Switzerland).


Current investments

Zumtobel Kerzen SANOWAY GmbH
REC Bauelemente   Sun Rivers


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